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Bend It Like Beckham Review

The title of the film that was told to me to compose a film audit is tie It Like Beckman,'I a cheerful ethnic games satire coordinated by Grinder Chad. â€Å"Bend It Like Beckman† is a British film co-financed with Germany. It was discharged in the UK in 2002 and in the United States in March 2003. It ended up being one of the unexpected hits of 2002, making over Ell million at the UK film industry, while additionally demonstrating well known with American and European crowds. Beckman is David Beckman, star of the Manchester United soccer am (and the spouse of one of the Spice Girls).The perception â€Å"nobody twists it like Beckman,† from which the title determines, evidently alludes to his capacity to bend the ball past the restricting goalkeeper. The story revolves around eighteen-year-old Jess, a dedicated Indian young lady who adores British soccer star David Beckman and Jules, an English young lady who becomes a close acquaintence with Jess after she watches her totally dominating a gathering of tying youngsters playing soccer in the recreation center. Jess originates from an exacting Indian family where sex jobs are obviously characterized. Ladies are relied upon to figure out how to cook and are for their spouses, who are, obviously, expected to be the sole breadwinners.This may be fine for Jess' more established sister Pinky, anyway Jess has a significantly unique vision of her own future, and it doesn't involve settling down and cooking the ideal chapatti. More than anything, she needs to join her godlike object on the football pitch, yet her folks will never acknowledge a football player for a girl. Jess considers herself to be a female rendition of her saint, David Beckman, contending in soccer instead of cooking for a satisfactory Indian man as convention directs. So Jess is compelled to conceal her energy from her cherished home, even her sister Pinky, who is going to be hitched to her drawn out sweetheart Teeth.Jess is then furtive ly joins Jules' serious ladies' soccer group which is the Winslow Harriers and is compelled to have a twofold existence so as to not disillusion her folks and still play the game for which she lives and relaxes. Escaping to practice and going with the group to competitions puts a strain on her home life. She needs to mislead legitimize her nonappearance from home. To confound matters, she ends up succumbing to her soccer mentor. Jess is the primary character in the film. She attempts to be a decent young lady for her other and father however can't resist sneaking Off to play football.While Jess needs to lie and sneak around a great deal, her defiant streak isn't expected to hurt her folks. Jess' fantasy is to play football expertly, toward the start of the film it was only a fantasy, however when she was welcomed on a legitimate group and began to consider herself to be an appropriate player, her fantasy began to turn into her objective. Jess has consistently been solid and decided in the film, aside from after some time she turns out to be increasingly decided, and considerably more grounded. We see Jess conversing with Beckman toward the start of the film, and as she develops and tauter, she discovers she can have trust in other people.She discovers Jules and Joe who she believes she can trust in and talk openly to. Jess likewise acquires certainty as she advances through the film, at fritterers could never fantasy about going up against her folks as she did toward the finish of the firm. Joe, Jules, Tony and her entire football crew bolster her in her objectives and she gets together increasingly more mental fortitude and confidence. An extraordinary case of her confidence gain is when Jess from the outset wouldn't like to demonstrate her scar to the world, she conceals it away and won't go onto the field in her shorts since everybody will see it.Joe converses with Jess and they security over their wounds, this causes Jess to feel progressively good with he rself and understand that she may not be the one and only one and when she is on the field, nobody will mind. Before the finish of the film, Jess can defend herself, share her Opinion and feel certain about herself. Curve it like Beckman is and in general a decent firm and a magnificent film for everybody to watch despite the fact that it is deficient in plot and discourse. It has a warm vibe great message of young lady force and breaking customary obstructions however it is unsurprising in its storyline.One thing that was an extraordinary advantage for the film was the brilliant Punjabi culture and services. Some may state ‘it's only a film' however I know from individual experience that a large number of youth face challenges in picking societies when living among two distinct ones. From this film, the virtues that I've learn is right off the bat, regard. Jess was never insolent to her folks. Then again, it was her folks who were being rude to her. They didn't take a gander at her for what her identity was, rather they just observed who they needed her to be. The subsequent virtue that gained from this film is caring.Jesses guardians committed error in their endeavors to parent their youngsters, however they additionally had genuine quality. The quality was their essential and solid love for Jess. The issue was that they didn't take a gander at who Jess had become. They considered her to be they needed her to be. This caused Jess to hoodwink them yet didn't do her any genuine harm in light of the fact that, before it was past the point of no return, they saw what was essential to their little girl and changed their position. Had they not done this, Jess would have needed to pick between her relationship with her folks and her fantasy to be a football player. That would have truly harm their relationship.

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Desalination Solution To The Freshwater Crisis Environmental Sciences Essay

The central ground for drinkable H2O deficiency in Singapore is the way that it is encircled via ocean H2O, unacceptable for assimilating. At present, the state has made economical H2O flexibly from its ‘Four National Taps ‘ , which comprises of water repositories, imported H2O, recovered H2O ( NEWater ) and desalinated H2O. ( â€Å" Water Supply † ) The exploding populace is other than expanding the quality of drinkable H2O request, doing deficits.Problems Associated with Drinkable Water ShortagesThe boss reason for eagerness, infection and need is the lack of perfect, safe guzzling H2O. ( â€Å" Why Water? † ) Crops would be not able to turn doing yearning. Utilization of sullied H2O is the main source of maladies. Districts missing in safe, soaking up H2O have a higher pace of perish and illnesses. People groups are sick all the more as often as possible, and can't work. This keeps the part from advancement. Local battles over rare H2O assets may follow i n fighting. ( â€Å" Water Scarcity † ) Figure 2 shows the H2O shortfall around the universe. hypertext move convention:/ Figure 2 †Water Deficit ( Hydrogen Ambassador )Desalination †How can it go to drinkable H2O deficits?The main part of H2O on the Earth is seawater and Singapore is encircled by it too much. On the off chance that this H2O was changed over into safe, drinking H2O, the activity of drinkable H2O shortages would be simple comprehended. This is the place desalinization plays its capacity. The system of taking salt from saltwater to make new water is called desalinization. ( Aintablian, † Water Desalination † ) A turning figure of desalinization workss are being worked around the universe to go to the activity of new water deficiencies. The two boss techniques for desalinization are distillment and the layer methodology. In the methodology of distillment, an extent of strategy are utilized to disintegrate saltwater, them consolidate the fume, to get non-saline H2O. The film method has two sorts, viz. rearward assimilation and forward assimilation. Rearward assimilatio n is where pre-treated saltwater is siphoned through a halfway penetrable film at high power per unit region, which isolates broke up splines from the H2O. Forward assimilation includes the characteristic technique of assimilation ; H2O going from an incredibly focused part to a piece of low fixation. This technique permits it to obviously occur, on the other hand of constraining it through a power for each unit zone slope. In this technique, the saltwater goes through a mostly penetrable film to a concentrated arrangement of ammonium hydroxide salts, go forthing salt particles behind. The ammonium hydroxide salts are vanished and can be reused. ( â€Å" Tuas Seawater Desalination Plant † ) The method is appeared in Figure 3. hypertext move convention:/ Figure 3 †Seawater Distillation Process ( Glowac )Positive Impacts of DesalinationSupplying new water to nations with constrained assets is the main aim of desalinization. Networks get gave a protected and trustworthy gracefully of new water. Singapore itself has no immediate beginnings of new water with the exception of water. The state needs to import around 2500 gallons of H2O from Malaysia each twelvemonth. To drop the pace of import, it makes utilization of the saltwater it is encircled by. Desalination helps increment the aggregate of safe drinkable H2O accessible and spares lessenings import of H2O from states with huge entireties of new water accessible. This is decreases the general expense, since H2O movement is a costly issue. It gives a trustworthy and promptly accessible start of H2O in occurrences of horrible drouth. It turns into a need in the current clime in expanding temperatures, spread trip populace and unreasonable groundwater. ( â€Å" The Advantages of De salination † )Negative Impacts of DesalinationEven however desalinization is an utile methodology, it has its general inverts. Discarding the waste salt arrangement will expand the centralization of salt in the H2O. This will do the methodology harder and may hurt the creatures under the ocean. The desalinization methodology is a costly one and requires a group of vitality. Since most vitality is gotten from petroleum products, it is supposed to be an issue of taking one natural issue over the other. The expenses are significantly higher if parts off from the beach or at high statures, look for using desalinated H2O. Numerous assets would be required to move H2O from the sea or a natural structure of salty H2O to far separations and high statures. ( Aintablian. â€Å" Water Desalination † )Factors influenced by DesalinationEconomic Factor For †Desalination helps states with restricted beginnings of new water to hold course to drinkable H2O, without holding to shoulder movement costs. Riches can be made by desalinization, as it builds the open doors for improvement of agribusiness, industry and touristry in states with a rare H2O gracefully. These modifications will undoubtedly raise the general pay of a section. Some immediate occupations and pay can be normal from desalinization workss. Seawater desalinization is a doable choice is waterfront parts which discover desalinization more cost-productive so moving H2O from different parts. ( What is Desalination? †Benefits ) Against †Desalination is a costly method. It turns out to be progressively costly when the salt H2O should be moved to districts off from the beach or those at high statures. Financially steady states like Singapore can stand to build desalinization workss and change over enormous proportions of saltwater, yet other third universe states going up against the new water emergency may battle to pay for desalinization workss to be opened and for huge proportions of H2O to be shipped and changed over. The ground the expenses for desalinization are so high is on the grounds that uncompromising apparatus and hardware is required to change over salt H2O into new water quickly. Not all states have the spending plan or land to build plants with such costly hardware. In this way, despite the fact that the desalinization methodology is an extraordinary answer for the new water emergency, we presently can't seem to show signs of improvement of the costs required to run it. Figure 4 shows how building is advancing to do the technique of desalinization less sincerely won. hypertext move convention:/ Figure 4 †Decline in Seawater Desalination Costs Represents Evolution in Technology ( Hayes ) Natural Factor For †More than 97 % of the H2O known to man is seawater, which implies there is little H2O for the universe ‘s turning H2O request. The immature universe can non trust on an individual start of H2O any longer, and holding a trustworthy answer for the new water emergency eases accentuation on the new water accessible ( What is Desalination? †Benefits. ) The H2O transport frameworks utilize an incredible exchange of vitality and do air contamination. Desalination workss set deliberately helps decline the ecological effect. Water made accessible during drouths would ensure against H2O shortfalls. All the more new water would be accessible for use in agribusiness. ( Dorward. â€Å" The Benefits of Desalination Plants ) Against †The technique of desalinization requires a group of vitality. Since most force beginnings are before long gotten from non-renewable energy sources, desalinization has a manus in planetary warming. The building methodology would be tedious. In this way, it would disturb nature. The waste salt arrangement is discharged go into the ocean. This builds the centralization of salt in the saltwater and this may hurt the creatures under the sea. Since increasingly salt requests to be evacuated, more vitality must be utilized and it prompts a higher wastage of petroleum derivatives. Figure 5 shows the minerals being released into the ocean and this is the thing that makes the methodology harder and it requires more vitality. This release may other than fuse low convergences of synthetic compounds utilized in the methodology, which could hurt condition delicate nations ( Younos, Tamim 11. ) Even however desalinization is the best answer for the universe ‘s new water emergenc y, it has ecological issues must be settled before it very well may be utilized around the universe on a major graduated table. hypertext move convention:/ q=tbn: ANd9GcSHEXi_HxYsF0cbcqyC6gRNp2i18V0j4QXFTCcwIXO0RrVCFL1bCA Figure 5 †Minerals are released into the ocean, and the desalinization system requires more vitality ( MEWR | Desalination ) Word Count †1, 256

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How I Lost My Love of Reading and Found Myself Again

How I Lost My Love of Reading and Found Myself Again I had to drive my love of reading far away in order to find myself again. Im no stranger to reading slumps, but Im grateful for my current pause from reading. My slump isnt so bad right nowâ€"only going on since January after end-of-the-year burnout to meet my reading challengeâ€"and Ive definitely suffered longer ruts, like the Great Year-Long Reading Slump of 2015. But this time, not feeling jazzed about books has been an eye-opening reckoning with my existence and purpose as an artist and creator. (Yeah, that epic!) It wasnt until this year, when I lost my love of reading yet again, that I realized I had found comparably satisfying parts of myself that I had buried under books and jeopardized my ability to tap into my creative side. My reading slump? It saved my artists soul. art: the luna bar of my soul Books are core to my identity. Stories, narratives, books, and tales, have filled my life and been my  raison dêtre  as far back as I can remember. Dealing with depression and social anxiety at an early age made me retreat into books. Living down the block from our towns public library gave me limitless opportunities to explore the world of books. And my father, an English teacher, brought literature into my home. As a teen, I was very open to exploring different arts. I acted in plays. I painted for hours after school. I drew a comic for the student newspaper. I sang in chorus and played alto saxophone in band. I was introduced to obscure art movies and the Criterion Collection through Fine Films Club. I flirted with the idea of going to culinary school. I knitted scarves and crocheted washcloths. And of course, I wrote: poems, mostly, but also short stories and essays. It might seem unfocused at fist glanceâ€"typical overachiever, scattered attentionâ€"but in retrospect, it was one big, homogenous creative explosion when I was open to art in every sense, both consuming art and crafting some of it myself. Books were surely a passion of mine, yet in my mind they were all part of the same fuel that fed my artistically hungry soul. I was famished. Art fed me. But if you found yourself in that story, then you know what comes next. You cant do everything in college, even if you try. If I could have actually majored in all the things I declared at one point or anotherâ€"Classics, Philosophy, American Studies, German, History, and moreâ€"it still wouldnt have satisfied me. In the endâ€"inevitablyâ€"I settled on English. Lucky for me, my schools English Department was an incredibly supportive, intellectually challenging hub that helped me focus on literature and never quite look back. Following graduation, I thought about other careers, but I always fell back on something involving books, reading, and writing. my big, bookish existential crisis Then: 2014. After beginning library grad school, book blogging, and book reviewing in the same year, I entered the dreaded year-long book slump in 2015. By this point, my DNA was so entirely woven into books   that any slump resonated deep inside like the aching vibration of a cello string pulled taut but never released. Books were no longer my rush-hour escape, they were my life, professionally. The longer I went without finishing a book made me more and more anxious. My bipolar disorder made it so much worseâ€"depression sunk me so far down I couldnt love anything, especially books, and mania drove insatiable, all-nighter binge-reading that left me burned out. But the existential crisis bothered me most snuck up when I couldnt sleep. What if I wasnt a reader, after all? What if I couldnt be a writer? Did I really have what it took to bring it and compete on this level as a reader, blogger, and aspiring writer? Maybe a bookish writing life doesnt seem as outwardly intense as some professions, it does require a certain rigor, and an undying, unwavering love for reading. I didnt always have that, and that made me doubt myself and my purpose. from the page to the stage: literature = art After I overdid it on reading at the end of 2017, I entered 2018 in a calmer state. One grey weekday afternoon, I decided what I needed to do most that empty day was go see a movieâ€"perks of being a freelancerâ€"and felt a  renewed love for cinema and film. For years, Id been avoiding the movies after a series of panic attacks in the theater pushed me away from my former passion. From there, I brought out my art box again and started painting, mixed media and illustration. I sketched. I brainstormed a comic. I went to museums. I struck up an interest in fashion and beauty and taking each day as an opportunity to inhabit a new woman, a new character, just like I was on stage again. I started to craft more, going beyond my limited knowledge of knitting scarves and exploring sewing. My neglected books were repurposed in organization and interior design experiments. And most of all, I developed recipes for my food blog, seeing each time I stepped into the kitchen as a chance to use ever y bit of creativity to improvise something new in a vivid sensory experience. Writing a recipe was like writing a novel. The void in my life that has come with the reading slump has been filled by an intense love for art in all its forms like an echo in my soul. While Im not reading at the rate I hoped this year, at least not yet, I have felt more connected to the books I have read. A greater sense of concentration rather than scattering my attention among several and giving into the pressure I put upon myself to read as much as possible. Even more encouraging is Ive felt myself engage with reading on a deeper level. Im finally starting to read a book and appreciate at it as a piece of art again, not just another digit on my reading challenge tally. What I watch on the movie screen also informs my reading. Re-watching  Fantastic Mr. Fox  plunged me back into reading Roald Dahl and other authors of childrens literature who inspired me to begin my MFA program in writing for children and young adults. Watching  Donnie Darko (2001) and  Office Space (1999) made me revisit books that were published around t he turn of the millennium. All that time in the kitchen made me reach for my cookbooks again and start thinking about each recipe as a short story plus actually reading the stories the chef-authors included. What Im most excited about is that my creative block has melted and Ive been writing work thats more alive than I have written in ages, edgier and fresher, with immediacy I havent reached in years. I also scrutinized my unhealthy relationship to reading. For so long, Ive been chasing numbers with my reading, pushing myself to read as much as I can, at whatever cost, even if I was burned out, and even if I was reading some uninspiring books that I couldnt break away from and risk losing my momentum. I was reading in name only, not grappling with the beauty of a book, not lost in the intoxicating wonder of literature. My eyes were grazing the letters, but I wasnt really stacking them together to see a work of art that someone built out of that alphabet. Lately, Im happy to say Ive been finishing books more often, enjoying my trips to the library, and feeling more connected to the book world and community of readers who foster a passion for pages. And I credit my slump. This experience has taught me just how interconnected art is to other art, and how nurturing your love for other arts can only help you engage with literature more.

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Essay on Generation Differences Millennials in the Work...

The upcoming generation, millennials, are a new type of generation. They have proven to be the most educated generation, despite the hard times in the economy. Yet they still face criticism from their elders on their work ethic. Although they seem to all be lazy and not interested in working, not all millennials are like that. They just have different values in life, and balance work life with free time. Millennials have faced a lot of criticism on their work ethic, which has many questioning do millennials have a strong work ethic. They are said to be lazy narcissistic tech addicts, who don’t take any job seriously and slack off. What most don’t know is that the economy hasn’t been in the greatest of shape, this makes work ethic hard to†¦show more content†¦First of all the time period that millennials are growing up in is affecting how other generations look at their work ethic. From worldwide layoffs, soaring divorce rates, war, and unemployment, mill ennials have been through a lot already in their life for being so young. The unemployment rate and the increase of the cost of living is hitting this generation the hardest, it’s the main reason why young adults are still living with their parents. Young adults are most affected by the unemployment rate in general, which makes times primarily hard. In fact, in one report they found that, â€Å"Many Millennials couldn’t work right now if they wanted to. According to the report, 37% of 18–29-year-olds are unemployed or out of the workforce, the highest share among this age group in more than three decades† (Williams). Work ethic is difficult to define when so many are unemployed, after the recession hit in 2008 it has been especially hard to find a job. Although the economy is healing and people are starting to find more work opportunities, times are still strenuous. For some it can almost seem impossible to try and save money for college to get a job that can support the cost of living in this day and age. If anything millennials work ethic is strong, this generation isn’t just sitting around and waiting for a job to come to them. In order to live comfortably in this time period it’s essential that one has a job. They are taking thisShow MoreRelatedBaby Boomers And Millennials796 Words   |  4 PagesGenerational differences are apparent in almost all interactions between anyone of differing ages. These differences can be anything from the way people dress to their views on politics. Two of the largest generations in the world are Baby Boomers, people born from 1946-1964, and Millennials, people born from 1981-1998. As Baby Boomers continue their last couple years of work before retirement, and as Millennials continue to join the working community, these generations are increasingly interactingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Television Show Saved By The Bell Essay1384 Words   |  6 PagesMillennials Are Determined In the television show Saved by the Bell, the character Zach Morris a high school student failed to have enough credits to graduate high school. Zach demonstrated his determination to make up a class in order to graduate on time with his class. A failed experience motivates millennials to keep trying until the goal is accomplished. We use our past experiences as an encouragement to succeed in education. Higher education opens the door to better job opportunitiesRead MoreMillennial Generation Analysis1294 Words   |  6 PagesI am thirty years old, therefor I am in the millennial generation. The millennial generation consists of the individuals born roughly between the years 1980 and 2000 (Ron Zemke, 2013). We are children of the baby boomers and Gen X’s. Millennials are currently the largest living generation, just surpassing the former largest generation, the baby boomers. A distinguishing feature of the millennial generation is that it is the first generation t o grow up immersed in technology. We are a widely economicRead MoreOrganizational Learning At The Field Of Learning Organizations933 Words   |  4 Pagesin the interest of enhancing performance. As a result, it is no surprise that the majority of this literature is targeted at practitioners and consultants as opposed to academics (Ãâ€"rtenblad, 2001). Garvin (1993), a well-respected academic in the field of learning organizations, argues that such organizations are especially adept in five central areas. These include â€Å"systematic problem solving, experimentation with new approaches, learning from their own experience and past history, learning fromRead MoreSocial Leadership, Global Management, And Millennial Leadership Essay1167 Words   |  5 Pagesincluded in this proposed study. The literature used in this chapter was developed and reviewed by various articles, books, magazines, website journals, and peer reviewed articles on management, mentoring, global leadership, global management, and millennial leadership. The gaps in literature within this study were based on literature that was used between 1999 and present. The conceptual framework used in this proposed study has been designed and based off of an exploratory qualitative research designRead MoreBaby Boomers And Baby Boomers1257 Words   |  6 PagesBaby boomers and millennials, are they oil water or two peas in a pod? There have been large shifts in society and culture between when the baby boomers were born (1946-1964) and when the millennials were born (1981-1996). There are many factors that have influenced and molded each of these two generations such as technology, trends, debt and economy. Who exactly are millennials and baby boomers? What I know emphatically is that they both have strong opinions of one another. The Baby BoomersRead MoreCase Study : Your Customer Is The Star1033 Words   |  5 PagesGroup Book Review The Baby Boomers grew up to transform the social and economic landscape of our nation. They were the largest generation up to their point in history. Now, with the Millennials, history is repeating but this time with an even larger generation. The Baby Boomers and their offspring, the millennia’s have transformed our nation once more. In his book Micah Solomon â€Å"Your Customer is the Star: Tiles how to Make Millennia’s, Baby Boomers, and Everyone Else Love your Business.† YourRead MoreThe Greatest Generation Of The World War II Essay1159 Words   |  5 PagesMany of the Greatest Generations’ core values have been challenged by later generations due to changes in the economy, politics, war, social equality, technology, and the family structure. The Greatest Generation, a name that journalist Tom Brokaw popularized, refers to the generation that grew up during the Great Depression, served during World War II, and then worked hard and prospered af ter the War. The Greatest Generation believed in following rules and not questioning authority, focusing onRead MoreBeyond Affirmative Action Written Assignment1238 Words   |  5 Pagesimpact the â€Å"Beyond Affirmative Action† class had on this writer’s perception of diversity in the workplace. This paper will also discuss the writer’s opinion of what an ideal diverse workforce would be comprised of. In the article â€Å"Women and Work, Has the feminist movement achieved workplace equality? (Johnson, 2013), Johnson examines how affirmative action for women has undergone somewhat of a role reversal with men over the last several years. The article also centers on the remarkable advancementsRead MoreEssay On Development And Implementation Of A Shared Vision1154 Words   |  5 Pageschief. Distributing leadership is an alternative approach to school leadership that helps to connect teachers with the vision and values of the school. First and foremost, teachers feel heard and regarded since they are treated like experts in their field. Second, since the approach utilizes teacher expertise and authority, student learning and teacher efficacy increase. In addition, since stakeholders begin to feel trusted and empowered, an environment emerges where people feel safe to fail. All

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Acharya Devo Bhava Free Essays

Raju Vanapala V V Raju, Founder CEO of way2sms. com. V V Raju is main pillar behind the success of way2sms. We will write a custom essay sample on Acharya Devo Bhava or any similar topic only for you Order Now com. Mr. Raju completed his MCA (Master Of Computer Application) in 2003 and then he started company named Way2Online Interactive India pvt ltd, and in 2006 Mr. Raju started way2sms. com website that provides free messaging (SMS) services. way2sms. com is India’s first free sms service started in Jan 2007 in Hyderabad and having Millions of subscribers currently and from May 2012 owned by ValueFirst Messaging Narayana Murthy N. R. Narayana Murthy is the GURU of Information Technology. He is the co-founder of Infosys Technologies and is one of the most well known personalities in the Indian IT sector. He was the CEO of Infosys for twenty years. In 2002 Nandan M. Nilekani took over as CEO from N. R. Narayana Murthy . Narayana Murthy then worked as Chairman and Chief Mentor from 2002 to 2006. After his retirement in August 2006 he continues as Chairman Emeritus. Azim Premji Software tycoon Mr. Azim Premji is India’s Bill Gates and one of the Richest Indian for the past several years. He is Founder and Chairman of Wipro Technologies – one of the largest software companies in India. He is Providing his guidence to company from last four decades and one of the great indian leader of Software Field. In 2011, he has been awarded with Padma Vibhushan. Nandan Nilekani, one of the co-founder of Infosys with Narayan Murthy and he is the CEO and managing director of the Infosys. In 2002 Nandan M. Nilekani took over as CEO from N. R. Narayana Murthy before that he was Managing Director, President and Chief Operating Officer at Infosys. Mr. Nilekani started his career with Patni Computer Systems where he met Mr. Narayan Murthy then he worked at Infosys and served there for many years and left Infosys in 2009. India’s one of the best entrepreneurs : Mr. Nilekani is currently working as the Chairman of the UIDAI : Unique Identification Authority of Indi Krishna Bharat Krishna Bharat is creator of Google News. Bharat is one of the Principal Research Scientist at Google. Bharat is from Banglore,India and completed schooling from there and Graduation from IIT, Madras, India and Ph. D. from Georgia. He has joined Google in 1999. Currently Krishna Bharat is handling Google’s new Reasearch Development Center in Bangalore,India Sashi Reddy This man is associated with the world’s largest software testing and quality management company named ‘AppLabs‘, he is founder and executive chairman of this company. Mr. Sashi is also a founder and chairman of FXLabs, a company that develops game products in India for computers and Videogame consoles. Sashi Completed his Bechlor degree in Computer Science (BTech) from the IIT : Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India and completed his Master in Computer Science from New York,USA and Ph. D. from the Pennsylvania University. How to cite Acharya Devo Bhava, Essay examples

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Case Study Recommendation free essay sample

Government policies on taxation Hong Kong government has made huge efforts to encourage consumers to use smaller cars and emphasize heavily on fuel efficiency, as well as the interests to protect the environment. Recommendation: The introduction of exemption ‘First registration tax’ for electric vehicles in 2007 is a great opportunity for FAW to form joint ventures with global automotive giants to produce electric cars targeted for the Chinese market. Toyota is an attractive company to start joining venture with. Since Toyota’s business cornerstone is to protect the environment and their focus in manufacturing plug-in eco-friendly hybrid fits in nicely with Hong Kong government policies. With the exemption of ‘FRT’, Toyota’s hybrid car would be widely accepted by Hong Kong consumers and foresee a growth in demand for the cars. 2. Government policies on emission standard Recommendation: Hong Kong had strict emission standard that all light cars sold had to pass Euro 4 standards and with the 30% reduction of ‘First registration tax’ for low emission cars, it is a starting point for FAW to manufacture or import low-emission commercial vehicles that can met the required standard. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study Recommendation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Since pricing is the most influential factor when purchasing of cars, the reduction of tax can significantly reduce the cost burden of owning a car. Riding on this incentive, FAW can enjoy the surge in sales for low-emission vehicles. . Hong Kong consumers had high demand for luxury cars (extracted from Exhibit 5) Recommendation: Hong Kong consumers want luxury cars from reputable brands. Therefore, homemade car brand (Hongqi) may not be as attractive in comparison to renowned brand names such as Audi, Volkswagen. The wealthy consumers prefer cars that are more indulgent, especially for private and younger consumers; they tend to upgrade their vehicles more frequently that can considerably boost the cars sales. Therefore, FAW can abort the plan to sell homemade cars (Hongqi) in Hong Kong and focus on signing joint-venture contract with world-famous brands. Alternatively, FAW needs to rebuild the brand image of Hongqi and market it beyond business/government sector. Although luxury sedan designs are popular in China, it may not apply to Hong Kong. FAW needs to perform market research in Hong Kong to find out consumers’ preferences, redesign Hongqi cars and launch the marketing campaign before it can gain brand recognition in Hong Kong and accepted by consumers successfully.